Call the toxicology service

They can assist you, if your dog begins to show intoxication symptoms on the middle of the night. The emergency veterinary clinic nearest to you might be not to near and, you can't waste any time. If you don't know the cause of the problem, an adviser from the center will give you the possible options that correspond to the symptoms that your dog is showing. He will also tell you if you have to provoke to vomit or if you should try to neutralize the poison.

Purge the Venom: On many cases of intoxication the best is to provoke the dog to vomit.

But only if:

  • You are sure he has ingested the venom during this last hour.
  • You are sure that the venom is not a strong alkali, an acid or a derivate from petroleum.
  • Your dog is conscious and alert.

The easiest way to provoke vomit is to give him oxygenated water (solution to 3%). Give him a spoonful for each 7 or 9 kilograms of weight. Introduce the liquid with a syringe without needle. By inserting the point by the side of the mouth, just behind the fangs. Let the liquid go in little by little, if your dog shuts its mouth is because you are doing it too last. Most of the dogs will vomit after 5 minutes. Although if it doesn't work the first time, try again. If the dog still doesn't vomit, take him to the veterinary.

Refresh the Ardor: Even if many types of intoxication must be treated by provoking the vomit, on some cases to do it only makes it worse. For example, don't provoke the vomit if he has ingested drain detergent, kerosene or other dangerous substances because you will cause him a "double ardor" when ingesting it and after vomiting it. It is better to neutralize when in the stomach and ease the ardor produced in the throat and in the stomach. Try giving him milk or eggs when you can't provoke the vomit. Or give a little spoonful of magnesium milk for each 2 kilograms of corporal weight. Not any dog is ready to drink this kind of substances, overall if he is stick, for which you will need a syringe without a needle. The quantity you give him is not important, because even if he takes a little, it will ease that burning sensation.

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