Calm Dog Bowels

Generally, inside the intestines there is a great number of beneficial bacteria that helps digestion. But sometimes dogs don't have enough quantity of these bacteria, which can cause flatulence. Give him acidofilos. The same ingredients as in the yogurt, that will give him quantity of bacteria needed. Dogs that don't like liquid acidofilos because it's sour flavor, prefer chewing tablets. Give him the same quantity indicated for human beings as the instructions on the label reads. The acidofilos take several days to be effective. Giving him yogurt (which contains active acidofilos) also helps, if he decides to eat it.

Make Him Eat Slower: Dogs that devour its food swallow too much air while doing it. And the more air they swallow more gases they accumulate in the intestine. On some occasions, veterinarians recommend to put a big object (enough not to swallow it) in middle of the food receptacle. To eat all his food, he must avoid the object, for which he must eat his food more slowly. Another way to get him to eat slower is to extend his food on a tray. If there are other animals at home, it is convenient to give them to eat on separate places, due that dogs eat rapidly because they are afraid the other animals might eat his food before he does.

Take Him for a Walk: Exercise stimulates the intestines and helps to eliminate the excess of gases from the body. It also stimulates the dogs to do its necessities, which eliminates even more gases.

Trick: To finish quickly with the gases, give him pancreas lacer, a product on sale in drug stores that contains digestive enzymes that help the intestines to work and that discomposes the sugar from the respiratory apparatus before it transforms into gas. Put some drops in his food.

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