Cardiac Diseases in Dog

Dogs don't suffer as many cardiac diseases as we do, for which this doesn't enable him to eat an egg yoke once in a while to keep his hair shiny. The cholesterol and the saturated fats don't affect them. But they can suffer other cardiac problems that can be very serious if not treated immediately. In small dogs one of the heart valves might not be all the closed. It should be, which is called mitral regurgitation. Big dogs are inclined to suffer a disease known as dilated cardiomeopathy, in which the muscles of the heart get bigger and beat with less strength. Also, the heart beats of some dogs are irregular, they are not always serious, but you need drugs or a pacemaker to maintain a normal cardiac rhythm. Animals that have a low rhythm usually have a pacemaker. The ones who suffer from cardiac problems are under supervision of a veterinary, but, you can also do many things to control the problem and avoid from getting worst. Here is what veterinarians recommend.

Careful With Salt: Dogs are less sensible than we are to the effects of sodium, but an excess may cause retention of liquids, which difficult the hearts work. For it is why they usually recommend diets low in salt for those who suffer from advanced cardiac problems. At stores you can acquire foods low in salt, but consult with your veterinary before changing the dog's diet. This, you will also have to prove with your dog. These animals, as it is with people, usually prefer salty food and sometimes they refuse to eat food low in salt. A good nutrition is more important than to be preoccupied with the salt, for if he feels no attraction for the new food. Is better to give him his usual food.

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