Dog Losing Hairs: Change of Coats

If you have been sweeping and passing the vacuum cleaner over rugs, floors and tapestry for hours, picking your dogs hair. You will know that the change of hair, although annoying, forms part of having an animal like this. The domestic tasks are never ending, due that the change of hair is a natural way to make place for new hair. It doesn't matter what kind of dog you have. Unless he has no hair, all dogs change hair. Most of the dogs change hair in spring or fall due to the changes of light. However, dogs that are most of the time inside houses can change hair during all year long, because lights inside a house are different from sun light, they don't vary with the seasons. Although you can't stop your dog's change of hair, there are several ways to keep its hair and house a little bit cleaner.

Here are some advices from the experts.

Brush Him: The best way to control the change is to brush or comb the dog each day to take off all the excess of hair before they fall on the rug. Try to get him used to the brush since they are puppies so they will think of it as a nice experience. The hair varies depending on the breed. For which you should pick the adequate brushes and combs. Both things brushing the dog and combing him afterwards. Will serve to withdraw big quantities of hair. Metal teasels and combs are very useful for most of hairs. Fork combs are used for retiring falling hair from long hair breeds. However, this combs must not be used on dogs that haven't been combed for some time, due that it could harm them when retiring the tangled hair. The hair removing gloves, or some simple rubber gloves, are very useful to take the hair off from short hair breeds.

Of Short Strokes: Your dogs hair are much thicker than ours, for which to give him long strokes with the brush won't be effective. Instead of that, give him short firm strokes, always penetrating the hair. Brush in the direction in which the hair grows, from the top of the head t the tip of the tail. When finish, give him another brushing but in the opposite direction to eliminate the hair that didn't come off the first time.

Program Regular Baths: If you soak the hair before using the brush or comb you will be able to retire easily all the loose hairs. Be sure to untangle them afterwards.

Pass the Vacuum Cleaner: Some dogs can't stay still without moving, so to pass the vacuum cleaner to remove loose and fallen hair is very effective. You can acquire accessories for dog's embellishment to use with your vacuum cleaner at the pet shops or by catalogue.

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