How to Clean Dog Eyes

If there is too much pus, clean its eyes with a smooth and moisten cloth as many times as necessary. If there is no improvement during the next 24 hours, take him to the veterinary who might prescribe him with antibiotics to clean the infection. If the pus is watery, it might be the beginning of a kind of conjunctivitis, in which case you will have to examine the third eyelid. For it go to the veterinary.

Give Drops to Dog: If his eyes are dry and swollen, lubricate with some ocular drops, as optical eyewash, on sale in pet shops and by catalogue.

If they keep being dry, take him to the veterinary for him to see if the dog suffers from the syndrome of the dry eye.

Protect the Dog from Himself: We always feel like rubbing our sore eyes and your dog is no exception. His eye will cure faster if he doesn't scratch itself. You will have to put him a cone collar. These collars are made of plastic and can be found at pet shops. These type of collars that covers his head, protects its face from his claws.

Take the Scissors: Some dogs need a hair cut, not because of his aspect, but because of its eyes .It's always convenient to remove the hair from the face, overall if they are from breeds of Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzu or Pekinese. Thos way, hair is not introduced into its eyes and you prevent injuries to the cornea as well as infections. Big dogs and hairy from birth, as the English Shepherd and the bearded collie, is best to leave the hair covering its eyes, because they protect them from dust and filth.

Don't Let Him Put the Head Out From the Cars Window: If you take your dog for a car ride, it seems like a good idea, to open the window a few inches. Most of the dogs like to stick their heads out of the window and feel how the air strikes on their face, but be careful, dust and filth may get into their eyes and injured them.

Ease the Itching With a Compress: If his eyes are sore and swollen, cover them with a moisten compress to ease the indisposition. Use warm water and a moist, smooth, clean cloth, wring it and put it over its eyes for five minutes. If he is bothered by having both eyes shut, first cover one and after apply the compress to the other.

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