How to Clean Dog Ears with a Spurt of Water

The first step to get rid of the acarus is to clean its ears. This way you will finnish with some and you will eliminate the filth they are leaving behind. This ways the rest of the acarus will have less places where to hide. Moist a cotton ball or a gauze in a solution that contains th same quantity of water and vinegar. Put the gauze on the ears oriffice, and squeeze carefully and massage the base of the ear. After, absorb the most quantity possible and the filth with the clean cotton balls and step away when the dog starts to shake its head. Clean again until there is no trade of red filth and of the transparent solution. It is recommended to do this cleaning every 7 days during several weeks.

Wash him with soap: Any shampoo with insecticide, as the shampoo against fleas, will be effective and will kill the acarus on the hair. Use it during several weeks to eliminate the acarus that have incubated and those who have survived from the previous washings.

Lubricate the Acarus: If you apply kerosene on his ears it will finish with some of the acarus. It will clean the ears and ease the itching. Put 5 to 10 drops once a day and apply the treatment in between 6 and 8 weeks.

Give Him a Cleaning: Powders, no matter if against fleas or talc, spread it over its head and ears obstruct the respiration orifices of the acarus, and will cost them more to survive. It is convenient to keep on cleaning him everyday until the itching stops

Treat All the Animals in the house: Acarus are creatures that don't know how to keep still and that go from One animal to another. For this reason, you will not only have to treat your dog, but also all the other domestic animals in the house. Overall if you have cats, due that acarus that attack dogs come from cats.

Dog Trick: Clean its ears with a cotton ball moisten with oxygen peroxide after bathing him.

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