How to Control a Dog's Weight

One of the best things you can do to protect his heart is to maintain your dog in due form. Those who are to fat have much more tissue than the thin ones, which means that the heart must pump more blood at further distances. If he keeps an adequate weight, the heart will work less, for which he will be healthier.

Let Him Free: Some people think that because of the dog's heart problem, they should keep them from doing too much exercise. But if your dog likes to do exercise, don't lock him up. He is a dog, let him behave as one, you only have to control that he doesn't exceed, above all if there is heat. In summer, the best hours to do exercise are early in the morning and late in the afternoon, due that at this hours there is less heat. Maintain him always from direct sun rays and walk at a moderate pace.

Control His Cardiac Rhythm: Even if your veterinary supervises your dog frequently, you must check him once a day to detect immediately any change that could require immediate attention. To check the cardiac rhythm in your dog, put your fingers on the femoral artery, situate in the thigh, on the interior part of the rear legs. Between the hip and the knee. Count his pulse during 15 seconds and then multiply the number by 4. This way you will know what is pulse is per minute. If you do this on a regular basis, you will be capable of detecting any changes in his cardiac rhythm and tell it to the veterinarian. The veterinary might then ask you to make notes every day of his cardiac rhythm and the observations you've made in between visits. The administration of adequate medicines is complicated and these notes can be of great help.

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