Create Dog Proof Secure Home House

For your house to be a secure place for your dog, you have to think like one. If you observe his habits and his answers to diverse situations, you will determine what zones are dangerous and make them secure, the following advices will help you to defined in what objects and places of the house you must put your attention to.

Put Toxics under Lock: Dogs have inclinations for toxic substances, as is detergents, kerosene and paint. Think where to put all this products and have them out of reach from your dog.

  • Kitchen- Cleaning products are always kept under the sink. Some of these are very dangerous for your dog. Like the disinfectants and the detergents. That should be hidden in a safe place, and to be possible, on the top of a shelf.
  • Bathroom and washing room- Detergents used for cleaning the water closet and the moss can damage the coating of his mouth and throat the bleach, clothes detergent and softeners are toxic and must be hidden. Make sure he doesn't drink water from the water closet, there are all kinds of bacteria and poisonous additives in there.
  • Shed and court yard. Gas, herbicides, pesticides, overall against slugs, are dangerous. Keep them out of reach.
  • Garage-They are full of oil residues, Pointed objects and other utensils that can provoke accidents. Do not let him go inside without you near by.
  • If want to lodge him there temporarily, don't leave open buckets of any kind. Clean the floor thoroughly. Put away any dangerous object or substance kept there. See that your car isn't having any kind of leaks. Try not to leave your car on inside the garage.
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