Dog Daily Habits: Better the Regularity

One of the best indicators of the good health of your dog is the regularity. He should eat, drink and walk the same every day and the quantity of mictukitions and excrements shouldn't vary much. If a sudden change is produced in some of its actions, your dog isn't feeling well and he might be sick

  • If he doesn't go out to ease himself, can't wait to defecate of suffers from incontinence, there may be a problem. Urinary problems pop out with age and are usually detected by the change of habits. The same happens with defecation problems.
  • Be aware of his energy changes. If your dog used to chase cats for hours every day at the backyard, and one day completely ignores this diversion, you can be sure that something is wrong, for which you will keep on observing. Dogs are creatures that are always governed by the same habits. For which you must never make changes on his daily routines.
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