Dental Problems

Dogs don't care if they have crooked teeth. So you won't have to buy him a correcting apparatus. They also almost never have caries. But the same as us requires of regular dental care. This is the only way to prevent the gingivitis and other diseases in which dental bacteria can provoke painful infections or even the falling of the teeth. The gingivitis is totally reversible if you apply oral care at home. A regular cleaning of your dogs teeth will permit him to have a healthy mouth. Most of the veterinary recommend brushing the dogs teeth at least twice a week, but is better to do it on a daily basis. If the dog is pregnant or on a lactation period, the brushing is very important. Due that teeth are vulnerable to bacteria because of the hormonal changes. You should get your dog get used to a regular teeth brushing since puppy's and have the patience to try other things. Adult dogs are not easy, but there are ways to attain it.

Choose the Toothpaste: There are many flavors, like chicken or veal, and if you find one that he likes, brushing will be easier. If you don't convince him, try to do it with chicken or veal broth, garlic soup or pap. They are not as efficient as toothpaste, but they are of some use. Don't use toothpaste for human consumption, due to the contains of detergents and the dog, when swallowing, could suffer stomach disorders.

Make Him Taste It: If your dog is not used to the toothpaste, don't use a brush. Start by giving him to taste the paste, Pap, or the products you pretend to use. If you repeat this action every day during a week, he will begin to like it, which will facilitate the brushing. When he is impatient to receive its ration of toothpaste, put some on the brush and let him lick it. It won't be long before he comes running for his daily dental cleaning.

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