Diabetes in Dog

We think that the diabetes is a human disease, but at least one of each one hundred dogs suffers from it. The symptoms are very similar: fatigue, thirst and an urgency to urinate. The diabetes is caused when the pancreas produces a very small a mouth of insulin or when the one it produces doesn't work as it should. The insulin is a hormone that takes sugar from the blood and administers it to all the cells in the body, where it works as fuel. When the levels of insulin are adequate, the dog receives the necessary quantities of sugar. However, when the levels are low, they can't maintain the adequate level of sugar, which will cause weakness and fatigue. Furthermore, dogs with diabetes burn fats to substitute the lack of sugar, which causes a loss of weight.

Even though dogs with diabetes must be controlled by the veterinary, it is very simple to control the symptoms with two daily shots of insulin. You can also do many things to improve the sugar levels in the blood and to reduce this way the medicines that you have to administer him.

Give Him food Rich in Fiber: One of the best ways to control the diabetes is to give him food rich in fiber and law in fats. The levels of proteins must be moderate and the diet must not include glucose or saccharine. The additional quantity of fibers reduces the absorption of nutrients on the intestinal wall, for which the levels of sugar don't increase to fast after the dog eats. The fiber is also a help for cells to give a better use of the insulin, which means that dogs will need a lower dose. A diet low in fats reduces the necessity of the body for insulin. Diabetic dogs usually follow a determined diet that contains an adequate mixture of fats and fiber to control the diabetes. It is important for his diet to be constant and that its quality doesn't vary from one day to another. And always make him eat at the same hour. For diabetic dogs an abundant diet can end up with a pancreatic disease. Don't ever give him the remainders of food from the table.

Grant Him an Special Treat: Nothing happens if you give him a special treat once in a while, always that you choose them well. The problem is that all the canine cookies contain sugar, salt and fats, which reduces the effectiveness of the insulin. Home made cookies are the healthiest for diabetic dogs. First, crush some of its usual food to make flour. Add some water to elaborate dough and then put it in the oven until it is crusty. Dogs like its taste.

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