My Dog has Diarrhea

There is a non written natural law that says that if a my dog has diarrhea, he will excrete on the rug. The problem gets serious if you've just had your rug cleaned or if you are expecting visits. Approach your dog with affection. For him, as for us, having diarrhea is not pleasant, but unfortunately he suffers it frequently. Although it can be caused by an intestinal infection, in most of the cases it's due to something the dog ate and that he shouldn't have, like food remainders from the day before. Generally, you should only be preoccupied in cleaning the feces. It is the way for the body to get rid of something that gives it pain. Veterinarians recommend for the diarrhea to follow its curse during one day. But to attain the dog's welfare, here are some advices from the veterinarians:

Suppress the food: If your dog suffers from diarrhea, is best to give him anything to eat during half a day or whole day. If nothing goes into the stomach, he won't have nothing to expel. However a temporal fasting will permit its stomach to recover.

Calm His Stomach: When he is feeling better, give him some boiled whit rice, due that it's easy to digest and it hardens the feces. Try to give some rice hamburger, low in fats, cottage cheese or yogurt without cream. Eliminate all the fat as possible from the hamburger. For it, boil or roast and afterwards withdraw the excess of fat with kitchen paper. But don't forget that you mustn't give him any kind of food until at least 12 hours have pass on since the beginning of the diarrhea.

Give Him More Liquids: If he suffers from diarrhea he can loose lots of fluids in little time. To prevent dehydration, give him lots of fresh water, when having diarrhea the dog feels really bad and sometimes he can't even get up to drink. Give him an anti diarrheic to help the dog recuperate hydration and to return to the body some of the minerals lost because of the diarrhea.

Give Him Vitamins: Dogs that suffer from diarrhea generally loses many vitamins and other basic nutrients. Dissolve a chicken or veal broth cube into 3 cups of hot water. When the water cools, add half a spoon of bicarbonate soda and a quarter of spoon of garlic powder.

Long Term Protection: As long as there is no new invention of a method to keep dogs away from trash or from stanch turbid water, dog will go on having diarrhea. This problem can't be totally prevented, but here are a few methods for maintaining his stomach calmed.

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