Dog Barking

Dogs bark for many reasons. They bark when disturbed or happy, to make you know he is hungry or to tell you he wants to play. They bark to drive away intruders, like the mail man or the guests. Sometimes they bark simply because they are bored and to complain. Keeps him busy.

Barking is the way just born puppies communicate with the rest of the litter. They bark to inform their whereabouts or to make notice of something. Barking is a way of communication that the dog has and can be pleasing or maddening. Although some dogs barely bark, others don't stop doing it and those who pay are the neighbors that must hear him all the time your out of the house. It's impossible to keep them from barking at all, but they can be taught to be quieter. Here is what experts recommend.

Distract Him So He Won't Make Noise: Dogs like to bark, but they like best your approval. To make him know that you don't like barking may be a good incentive for him to stop doing it. However, yelling is not the best way to obtain it because he will think you are playing. It is better to shake a chain or a half full can with some metal or coins, in the direction in which the dog is. The noise will scare him and will make him stop. When he stops barking, soothe him with words. With time, the dog will learn that silence can bring him more prizes than noises.

Calm his Enthusiasm: Dogs usually bark because there is something outside that calls its attention. For example, the dog from the neighbors can be barking and is waiting for your dog to respond. To get your dog to be a bit quieter, try to eliminate the sounds or at least distinguish them, for example, leaving the radio on when going out or closing the windows in the room in which the dog is. The less noise he hears, the less probabilities for him to bark.

Modify the Atmosphere: What the dogs see also stimulates the barking. From a rat crossing the yard up to the neighbors cat can provoke the barking. If you lower the blinds you will at least end with the secure that causes this enthusiasm and maybe he will be quieter. If this doesn't work, try to give the dog some toys in other room. This way you will have him occupied while you are out of the house.

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