Dog Blood Circulation: Free and Fluid

A healthy circulation assures the pumping of blood and nutrients through all his body. Even if it seems like an exam that the veterinary should do, to observe your dogs circulation is really an easy job. Pick up his lip by the sides and press firmly, but carefully, the gum situated above the canine tooth. When you stop pressing, a pale color stain must appear and will turn again into a soft pink color in about 2 seconds. If not, your dog might be suffering of circulatory problems, for which you should take him to the veterinary.

Skin and Hair: Clean and Shiny
Your dog's hair and skin are some key elements to determine his state of health. The hair should be uniform, without uneven zones or little dense. Depending on the breed, the skin is of a soft pink color, brown, black or spotted. It must be dry and be flexible and odorless. There mustn't be scurf, crusts, bumps, fat excess or ulcers.

  • If you caress your dog regularly, it will result easier to perceive any change on his fur coat. But you should also separate his hair with the tips of your fingers and observe the skin. Give special attention to the zones that are inclined to suffer from capillary or skin problems: under the neck, abdomen, armpits and grains, over knees and around the anus.
  • Verify that the hair around the anus is clean, untangled and without parasites. The presence of small insects, no matter what size, is not normal and is a symptom of infection by parasites.
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