Dog Destruction

Many dogs, from most refined poodle to the mixed most hearty dog, seem to have a hidden face. When you are at home, your dogs conduct is wonderful, but when you are out working or sleeping at night, his personality is transformed and he shows the dark side, as you will find later when you find your sons shirt all torn, this shoes all bitten and the plants and dirt out of its casket and in the floor. Puppies bite everything. For which after buying a receptacle for his he might damage. However, this type of conducts has no limits of age. Some adult dogs, after years of having a good conduct, forget what they have learned. And they turn loose to everything. They are not trying to punish you for leaving him alone all day. They are simply turning loose their emotions.

Don't Leave Me: Dogs don't manifest its emotions like we do, for which don't forget that we share the same feelings, as the anxiety, frustration and boredom. They can't say how they feel, but they can demonstrate it, sometimes with a conduct of destruction. It is no coincidence that dogs usually cause destruction when alone. Until humans appeared, dogs lived in packs that is why they don't like being alone. For your dog, you are part of this pack and when you leave the house, he feels abandoned. When feeling anxious, they can experiment a canine equivalent to a temporal insanity and starts with the destruction of everything around him. It is way of showing his grudge. If it is not possible to be all day at home, it is not easy to control the goings and doings of your dog. It requires time and patience, but there are ways to help him face its loneliness.

Find him work: Dogs that find themselves sure of themselves almost never cause any kind of destruction when being alone. A good way to enhance its ego is to give him a task, from practicing canine sports to visiting asylums or hospitals. Also, when doing these activities he will go tired and surely he will prefer to sleep than be mischievous when you are out of the house. Dogs need a special training to work. It isn't a bad idea, due that many dogs like this obedience training and overall the praises he receives for doing a good job.

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