Dog Eyes: Limpid and Shiny

To examine the eyes is an easy task. Just fondle his head and look at them while he throws its ears backwards.

  • The eyes and its center must be limpid and shiny; the pupils of the same size and the tissue under the eyelids must be pink. (Some breeds have blackish tone and a pink membrane).
  • Redden eyes or with yellow or green pus have all the probabilities of being infected. The abundance of tears also can reveal an infection, although dogs with flat snouts, as the Pugs or the Pekingese, produce lots of tears to conserve its "jumpy" eyes humid. The unique shape of their head make their teaks to slide down their face instead of by its lachrymal conduct.
  • If he only has one redden eye, he probably has something in the eyelid. Nature gives dogs three eyelids to protect their eyes, but when going through bushes dust may get in. The third eyelid is a thin line that surrounds the low part of the eye. Most people don't know about it until something incrusts in it. Then it turns reddish, watery and protuberant, for which sometimes you will have to use antibiotic.
  • It is normal for his eyes to change with time. Some changes are normal, but others are not.
  • A normal change is that while they grow its eyes turn to a bluish color. This variation is due to the accumulation of cells on the center of the eye, but it doesn't any significant changes in the sight.
  • However, if the blue color is accompany by a grayish stain or a kind of cloud, it could be cataracts) (Crystalline hardening). A bluish and bloodstained eye or painful may be due to a glaucoma, that provokes blindness if not treated. If you observe any changes, go immediately to the veterinary. Glaucomas are more customary on cocker spaniels and the bassets.

Snout: Cold and Humid
The snout says little of the dog's health. A hot snout doesn't indicate that he is sick, as does the cold snout doesn't reveal that he is healthy. However, it must be humid and without cuts, pus or any lack of pigmentations.

Mouth: Fresh Breath and Clean Teeth
Many people think that it is normal that healthy dogs suffer halitosis and that have dirty teeth, but is not like that. Its 42 teeth must be white and shiny. Its gums must be of a brilliant rose color, sometimes stained with black, depending on the race. And you don't have to smell their breath.

  • Red gums and bad breath are serious symptoms of a dental disease.
  • When looking, take advantage and brush his teeth. They should be cleaned everyday to avoid diseases.

Body and Legs: Flexible and Without Pain

  • Feel its vertebral spine and make pressure over his chest and abdomen. When doing so, the animal must not feel pain. To prove that no rigidity or pain are produced, hold his legs up one by one and observe if there is no swelling, bumps or ulcers. Finally examine its posture to see if any rigidity or curvature is produced.
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