Dog Fear

Even dogs that are happy and secure of them get scared once in a while. Strong noise, the unknown or strange objects alarm many dogs. Others get frighten with determine things, as it is a flight of stairs or the rustling of a newspaper. Sometimes there seems to be no motive for the dogs fear. It is possible for them to crouch under a table when there is a storm and jumps happily when he hears firecrackers. It is easy to know when dogs are afraid, but it's never easy to teach them to overcome them. This can be a slow process, for which you will have to have patience and perseverance. Here are some recommendations from the experts no matter if your dog is fearful or if he gets scared with a determined object.

Try To Get Him Accustomed: A dog that is used to the daily agitation, to the sound of traffic, to the sound of a shutting door or to strangers that pet him on the street, will get accustom before a dog that is constantly done or protected by his owner. Make him socialize and get used to everything since a puppy. Slowly make him know other people and show him sounds and situations that he will face later on-and praise him when he faces new experiences and has new encounters.

Act Natural: Dogs usually take example from its owners and from people that is around him. If your body language reflects that you are frighten of determined situation, is is possible that your dog will also feel it. Act calmly and without any preoccupation and your dog will be less scared.

Leave the Arms For Later: To fondle a frighten dog any to talk him sweetly can be something instinctive, but it is better to repress yourself. He won't understand it and, He will think that you are praising him from being scared. The best is to deviate his attention from the object that produces this reaction. Give him a treat or something to play with that will help. When something frighten, happens and he deals with it in a good way, praise him and fondle him.

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