Dog Flatulence & Dog Gas Farts

All dogs have gases in a moment or other and nobody likes it. But an excessive flatulency drains the patience of even the most comprehensive owner. Flatulency is part of a normal digestion. It usually happens when the food in the intestine hasn't discomposed properly, which produces an accumulation of gases. The blood absorbs great part of them, but some transform itself in flatulency's. Even if a bit of flatulency is normal, some dogs tend to have too much gases. This is due to some foods, a fast ingestion of foods or the lack of exercise. Whatever the cause, it is not difficult to fight gas. For a more pleasant life, here are some recommendations from the experts.

Revised His Diet:Some foods, overall the ones that contain lima soybean, produces lots of gases. If your dog has this problem, the easiest solution is to give him another kind of food. To choose a food that doesn't contain lima soybean may avoid gases. Each dog has a different reaction to certain kind of food. Try different types of foods during some months to get to know what's best for your dog. Make sure you change his food in a gradual way, at first give him just a little of his new food during several days or weeks. A sudden change in his diet can cause him diarrhea. Some foods, as is the milk, cheese, broccoli or cauliflower produces lots of gases in most of the dogs.

Modify the Proteins: Almost all the ingredients from his foods can cause him flatulency, but proteins are the ones that originate most of the problems. Give him other type of proteins or reduce its quantity. For example, if in his actual diet most of its proteins come from veal, modify it with food that contains lamb proteins.

Give Him More Fiber: If you add fiber to his diet, food will get faster to the intestines and gases will have less time to develop. Try to add metamusil to his diet, It contains lots of fiber and it's easy to acquire. Give him a little spoon for each 4.5 kilograms to 9 kilograms of his weight at each meal. If your dog doesn't like this supplement, you can give him food rich in fiber and more tasty, like canned pumpkin or canned green beans. Add some depending on its size, and wait some days to see if they have had the desired effect. Don't add too much as to cause a diarrhea, due that this food is used to fight constiveness. When changing his diet do it step by step to avoid intestinal problems, including the augmentation of gases.

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