Dog Health Check List

To make an exhaustive examination it's not necessary to be a veterinary.

Ears: Color Pink
This revisions are important, due to the high risks of dogs that suffer from ear infections. The problem is due to the shape of the ears. There exists a long cartilage that curves downwards in which extreme is joined by another horizontal cartilage. This structure helps to protect ears from injuries, but they also cause the accumulation of earwax, leafs and other particles that can provoke infections.

  • The ears must be smooth, odorless and shiny. On the inside there must be a little of hair and a pale pink color skin.
  • When examining, use your smell as much as your sight. If they smell there could be the risk of an infection. If the issue on the inside presents a strong pink or red tone, or if you observe a black, yellow, green or red stain or also the presence of pus there could also be an infection. If there is accumulation of earwax, probably a good cleaning will suffice.
  • Over more than trapping dust, the ears also attract parasites, as ticks and the acarus. This last can barely be seen, but they form a grayish crust.
  • Even if you don't see anything, if your scratches, inclines or shakes his head often, it might be that he is suffering of ears problems. Also observe if its ears are softer than usual, if he seems dizzy or if he can't keep his head up straight, because all of these are symptoms of a serious infection, for which you must go to the veterinarian.
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