Dog Home Remedy

Taking a look to your dog's health is as easy as to examine yourself. When you know what to look for, you will know when to be preoccupied. It is not necessary to be licensed in medicine to know when you are sick. If your articulation s hurt, you have a fever and the only thing you want to do is sleep, you know that the indisposition will only last a few days. But it is not that easy to know if a dog doesn't feel well, because animals are more submissive than we are. A dog may have a broken tooth and will keep on biting a stick or eating calmly, without us knowing anything.

Dogs can't say when they are feeling unwell; that they have a swelled eye or that they suffer from an infected ear. Nor they usually react to sickness as we expect, so the health revisions at home are very important. This way, you can discover small problems before they get serious. Obviously, your veterinary can also detect them, but he only sees your dog a few times a year and meanwhile many things can happen. Furthermore, you know the habits and personality of your dog, you know when is serious or not. You can check his state of health in such an amusing and pleasant way that your dog will never know its happening. You should perform a fast to last more than 5 or 10 minutes and your dogs may be amused by this kind of attention.

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