Dog Long Treatments

Aging: Dogs take less time then men in doing everything. They get up earlier and also go to sleep sooner, run instead of walking and go through being a puppy to an about dog in less than a year. And obviously, they age faster than us. Most of dogs live for around 13 years, but when they turn old is generally a matter of size. Smaller dogs usually age slower than big dogs. For example, a poodle at the age of 7 year are still on their best of life, while a real Danish at the same age is already a "grandfather".

While growing, dogs experiment like us, articulation pains, gain of weight and loss of energy. Time can't be stopped, but not for it must old dogs be less enthusiastic and be less healthy than young dogs. Your dog will have the age he feels he has. Besides spoiling him, you can help him feel like a puppy. The exercise is very important for him to keep young. If your dog is young or of medium age, the exercise will help him to age better. Adult dogs also ageless, if they do exercises on a constant term. If you give attention to its exercise and to his diet, and detect any changes produced to its health, you will observe a great improvement in how he feels and how he ages. Veterinarians have found out some ways to palliate the effects of passing time, it means, for adult dogs to feel much younger. He is what they recommend.

Make dog move: Daily exercise will keep its muscular mass; help control its weight and blood circulation. The exercise is also good if he suffers from costiveness, disease that sometimes affects older dogs. Take your dog for a walk twice a day for half an hour each. Keep a moderate pace. Don't let him run because he feels a bit more athletic than usual. Dogs don't know their limits.

Give Him Normal food: Don't change his usual food only because he is old. A low fit diet can be harmful. Diets with low fat. In which cereals are the only source of proteins, can also be low in proteins. This can be a problem because old dogs may need extra proteins to repair damaged tissues. Also, if he gets used to this diet, maybe he will be incapable of eating a greater quantity of fats. An excess of this would give him a pancreas disease, very dangerous for dogs.

Give Him Some Supplements: A mix of anti-oxidants, containing vitamins A, c, and E. Beta carotene and selenium, with supplements of fish oil, can make your dog feel a few years younger. There is scientific prove that the salmon oil reduces renal problems in dogs and is used to treat heart and skin diseases. Use the supplements under veterinary prescriptions.

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