Dog Toys & Possessiveness

For dogs there is nothing more fun than to play at having to catch an object. They go after balls or sticks, they catch it, and then they return with the object and they deposit it at your feet eager for you to throw it again. But sometimes they forget the rules. Instead of leaving the objects at your feet, they refuse to let go from it. When you insist, they run away and turns around to defy you to take it away from him. If this happens, its time to teach the first lesson about sharing things.

Dogs are usually possessive with things they like. This conduct is good for the jungle, where dogs are part of a group and the rules of possession prime. But even on the jungle there exist one only rule: no dog will ever take something from a dog superior in hierarchy.

What your dog forgets is that in your family, you are the boss, with all the rights that this implies, when a dog takes something and won't give it back; basically he is questioning your authority. This can bring aggressions and, what is more important; to respect your authority, here is the way to make him change his attitude.

Oppose His Expectations: Due that dogs show themselves possessive with things they like; you may change this attitude by giving him more things to lessen his attention from the others. For example, instead of giving him one tennis ball, give him 5 or 6. He will be so confused trying to establish which ball he likes that, you will be able to take one or two without disturbing him.

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