Dog Safe & Harmless Plants

Maybe your dog will lick or eat some of your plants and flowers. Mistletoes and Easter flowers can cause vomits and diarrhea. However as he only will eat a small amount, his illness won't go further. However, he can suffer serious poisoning if he eats plants as the rosebay, the acacias or the sago palm tree, even if it is a small quantity. The fruits from the sago palm tree can cause damage to the liver. Put a leash to your dog when going for a walk through places where they grow plants.

Occupy Yourself with the Garden: You generally treat the grass against ants, slugs or other destructive insects. But don't forget that these chemical products are as deadly to them as to your dog. Keep your dog locked while using these products. Do the same with the cleaning products inside the house; keep them on high places while not using them. Always keep sight on him while using them.

Condition: The Garden for Your Dog: Give him areas with shadow and procedure him with fresh water for drinking. When winter comes, give him a place where he can protect himself from cold, air, rain and snow. Every once in a while clean your dogs objects around the garden. If not, they could attract flies and even contain parasites.

Offer Him More Security: Put a fence around the garden or create a secure free access zone. Car accidents are the first cause for dogs injuries. Always see if the garden door is closed before leaving the dog along. If he likes digging, once in a while take a walk around the garden and see if you can find any hole that can be used for scraping. If you decide not to put a fence on your garden. See that everything is secured.

Put a Fence around the Pool: Many dogs like to swim, but even the best swimmer can drown in a pool. Put a fence around the pool and watch tour dog when he decides to take a swim.

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