Dog Temperature: Better High

Dogs are an ideal electric blanket for winter, due to its body temperature that is between 37.5 C and 39 C, which is normal for them and a fever for us. But the body temperature mustn't be too high, dues it can indicate an infection or other problems.

  • Use a rectal thermometer to take his temperature, they are more resistant than that of oral use. Make it go down to 37oC and lubricate with Vaseline (if you don't have any, you can use vegetable oil). If it is possible, find someone to hold its head and shoulders and to talk to him with affection while introducing some inches of the thermometer. Take it out after two or three minutes to obtain the exact temperature. After extracting it, clean with a paper cloth and then observe the temperature.
  • Don't run to the veterinary only because your dog has a little fever. Dogs can register some decimals if they suffer a virus or another infection. But it shouldn't last more than a day or two. If the fever keeps on, Then ask for advice to the veterinary.
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