Vomiting in Dog

Vomiting comes sooner or later, as most dogs eat something like trash or dirty water or swallows a toy. Fortunately, his digestive apparatus recognized to what kind of things to give green light and which things to return. Dogs have a very good and active reflex for vomiting. This way they eliminate the non digestible material from its organism. But dogs not only vomit when ingesting uneatable things. They also do it when there is a sudden change in his diet. Most of the dogs will vomit one or two times and then will keep on with his life without any problems. Even if he suffers from intoxication, the next day he will be well again. To obtain for his stomach to rest and to avoid any negative consequences in the future, here are some recommendations from veterinarians.

Impose a Fasting: Do not give him anything to eat during 24 hours after vomiting. If has nothing in the stomach, there is nothing to vomit and he will get well sooner.

Increase It Ration Progressively: When he is better, give him small quantities of food each 4 hours. It is convenient to give him soft foods, like boiled white rice without salt. If he doesn't eat it, offer him small pieces of boiled chicken without skin. Increase the ration little by little during intervals of 3 to 7 days until reaching the usual quantity.

Control the Water: Dogs are usually very thirsty after vomiting. But be careful an excess of water can make him sick. Three or four hours after vomiting, give him small doses of water at atmosphere temperature every 2 or 3 hours.

Ease the Pain in the Stomach: One simple way of calming the stomach ache is to give him a sedative, like kaopectate ( one small spoon full for each 10 kilograms of his body every 4 to 6 hours). Consult with your veterinary for an exact dose.

Make Him Eat Slower: Dogs that eat fast are more inclined to vomit because they swallow too much air when doing so. One way to make them eat slower is by putting a big object on the eating receptacle. This way the dog will have to eat around the object slowing him some. You can also put his food on a tray making it harder for him to eat. This way you will avoid that the dog may swallow his food and by it taking more air.

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