Dog Weight: Adequate and Equilibrated

In the past, when dogs lived on the wild, their weight was not a problem, due that while looking for their food they burned fats. However, nowadays, because the food is more at reach is easier for them to become fat.

  • It is not necessary to weight them to know that they are getting fatter. Its enough to use your hands and eyes to feel and observe its ribs. If you can't feel them or see them, the dog is fat. However, prominent ribs can indicate that he is skinny.
  • Dogs that are too fat are not wealthy and have a high risk of suffering diabetes and arthritis. Due that dogs don't pass to be muscular to fat from night to day, it's important to control his weight regularly to maintain his slimness.

Paws and Nails: Kept and Suitable
The dog's nails may rarely touch the ground, in a way that the toes may form a compact group. Nails too long causes separations in the paws, which makes it uncomfortable for them to walk and even abnormal, thus they have to accommodate this sort of claws.

  • It is important to maintain them short. Nails too long can usually get caught on rugs, crevices on the floor and on clothes. Is something that should be avoided, because a broken nail is painful and bloody.
  • When you examine its paws, observe the spaces between the toes to see if there are tangled or bristled hair, ulcers or marks. And also examine the paws to see if they have any wounds or cuts.
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