Don't Cover It Dog Wounds

After cleaning the eruptions, the best is to leave the zone exposed. Don't put him a bandage; it will take longer to heal Even if you think that you can calm the zone with a hydrating cream. Doing that will only make it worse. Avoid creams and pomades, even if they are antibacterial, due that they retain humidity and they only make things worse. In any case, apply insecticides soluble in water or gels as the aloe, they are very effective in relief and healing of the area and, they don't "cover" the inflammation. You can also acquire some other solution at the drugstores that will be able to dry the inflammation. To apply it you only have to put it into a pulverizer and spray 2 or 3 times a day on the eruption.

Cure Him with Tea: Tea contains tannic acid, which also helps in the process of drying and healing. Make lots of tea and let be until it cools. Apply a gauze moist with cold tea directly over the zone of the eruption. Repeat this operation once or twice a day.

Ease the Itching: Due that the eruptions are produced almost always by scratching himself, it is worth to do everything possible to discover what causes this itching. If you find the cause and a way to finish with it, you will prevent the appearance of eruptions.

End With the Fleas: Dogs that are sensible to fleas are the first candidates to suffer from eruptions. If you think that your dog has fleas (its presence is detected by some shall stains on the dogs hair or near the skin=, give him a bath with a shampoo that contains piretrinas, secure natural insecticides. Those are effective at the time of eradicating fleas. Ask your veterinary for a product against fleas which effects have a long term duration, like frontline or advantage.

Ease the Pain: Dogs with arthritis or a dysplasia on the hip bite or lick the affected zones, which can cause the appearance of eruptions. If he has pains due to the articulations, go to the veterinary, but most of the times you can ease the pain with a bottle of hot water. Wrap it in a towel to avoid burns and apply them to the affected zone during a few minutes several times a day. This way you will ease the indisposition and reduce the desires for scratching and biting itself.

Keep Him Busy: Dogs are animals of company that need stimulus, A dog that is alone and bored is preoccupied in his skin until it becomes an obsession: dogs need to go out on walks on a regular basis, at least during 20 minutes. Twice a dry, just as much of playing time and company. If you keep him busy, he will do something better than scratching itself.

Examine Its Hair: Pricks, weeds and small twigs may be incremented in its skin. It's worth observing thoroughly his fur if he has been outside. For it put aside its hair with your hands to see if there is something sticking from his skin.

Untangle His Hair: If tangle hair is formed, it will be very hard to untangle. But you can avoid this by brushing its hair everyday and by drying him well during some minutes after bathing him or after swimming.

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