Home remedy dog dry skin

Air can't circulate through the wrinkles, for which humidity accumulates attracting bacteria which irritates the skin. If your dog gets soak-n-dry him well with a cloth, specially the inside of the folds.

Use Powders: The problem is not only because the humidity, but also because of the constant grazing of the skin. It is recommended to rub the folds with some maize starch to reduce the irritation. You can also use a medicated powder. Do not use perfumed talc powder because chemical products can irritate the skin.

Trick: Put some alcohol between the folds to eliminate the moist. Hold the treated area for a minute or so to permit the air to go in. Don't apply near the eyes or inflamed zones.

Favus: Dogs usually contract fungus infection, but the most contracted is the favus, that can be transmitted by cats, rodents or even by moisten soil. On humans, is characterized by the forming of patches similar to rings on the skin. Many skin problems are similar to the favus for which the only way to know is by going to the veterinary. If what he has is favus, you can count at least with a 6 to 8 weeks of treatment.

Cut His Hair: Cut the hair surrounding the affected zones to make it difficult for the fungus to grow. Also it will be easier to treat the area.

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