Dog Ear Infection Treatment

On dogs as in men, ear infections are frequent. Ears have the ideal three necessary things for bacteria: heat, humidity and oil. Does that swim to much or that live on humid climates have a high risk of suffering from ear infections. Ear infection is very annoying. The interior of the ear reddens, swells and its temperature increases. Sometimes it also causes the ears to emit a strong odor. For this reason, the easiest way to know if the ears are infected is by the smell. If he emits a nauseous odor, he has yeast or suffers from a bacterial infection. The odor that this kind of infection emits is strong, while the smell from yeast is more like wet slippers. If the ear infection lasts several days, go to the veterinary. However in most of the cases this infection isn't serious and can be treated at home. This is the way to do it.

Clean the Filth: Before cleaning the ears well, you must extract the filth produced by the infection. Pass through the ears a piece of gauze or the tip of a dry and smooth cloth to extract the most possible quantity of filth from the interior. Try not to introduce cotton, due that it may be the only thing that could introduce even more into the ear the filth, which will only worsen the infection.

Clean the Ears Well: A solution composed by the same quantity of vinegar, alcohol and water will finish with the organisms causing the infection. The vinegar changes the level of PH inside the ear, for which the bacteria or yeast won't be able to survive. The alcohol is used to dry the inside of ear, for which, they won't come back. Clean the ears with this procedure twice a day; use a piece of gauze or a ball of cotton to introduce the liquid in the hearing orifice and with the other hand massage the base of the ear and distribute the liquid. Alcohol can cause itching. If it does itch too much and your dog can't stand it, don't put alcohol in the solution. If you apply home medicine, most of the infections will disappear before a week. If past this period the ears still have this fetid odor, it must be serious and needs medicines to finish them.

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