A Bath as Home Remedy to Dog Itching

A cold shower usually eases the itching for a while. If the skin is dry, the itching is worst. For this reason you must keep it clean and moist. If you bath him with cold water maybe you will stop him from scratching. For this to result more effective, Add some colloidal oat flour in the water. This is an excellent soother for irritated skin. But this way you will ease the itching during 24 or 48 hours,. But at least it will make him avoid the worst moments.

Keep the Skin Flexible: When bathing your dog, use a hydrating shampoo. Keeping his skin flexible you will stop him from scratching and hurting himself.

Put Him socks: To avoid the dog from hurting himself while scratching, try to put him shall socks on its ear feet. This way, the damage he can do himself with his nails are less. Some veterinarians also recommend putting an elastic babies pajamas if they tend to bleed to much. This way if they scratch, the issue from the pajamas will protect a little his skin.

Protect His Skin from the Inside of His Body: One of the better ways to ease the itching is to give him supplements that contain fat acids, like the omega-3 or the omega-6, which can be acquired with the veterinarian or at the pet shops. This supplements are secure and very effective , even if they don't act immediately, but you have to wait in between two and four weeks to see the results. Follow the instructions on the label, And if your dog doesn't like its take pills, cover them first with some butter.

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