How to Examine Dog Paws Everyday

Due that the dog's paws are in contact with the ground more than any other part of his body, it's important to examine them constantly. Dogs walk on their nails and usually catch thistles and thorns on them. You should extract them before they cause an injury or an infection. When extracting an object from the paws, be sure to clean thoroughly the area and to apply antibiotic cream.

Basic Care of the Nails: We have it easy. Even when once in a while we break a nail, we don't have to walk on our hands. However, dogs nails are always touching the ground,, or what is worst. Getting hooked on rugs. The nails that aren't to close to the skin can be very painful. The slightest grace with a hard surface can cause inflammation to the paws. Dogs that walk on sidewalks or on corrugated surfaces, wear off their nails at each step, for which it is not necessary to cut them. On some dogs the growth of their nail is very slow, for which you will never have any problem with them. But other dogs need their nails to be trimmed. This is how you should do it.

Cut and Polish: In pet shops there exists a great variety of nail trimmers. It is important to acquire one of the size and style adequate for your dog. If not, you might cause a splintered nail. The nail trimmer must function well. If it's too loose, you will have to exercise more pressure on the nail. Which will be painful for your dog?

Begin by cutting the nail from the intermediate point in between the yoke and the "life flesh", that is, where the vein starts. In dogs with dark nails it's not always easy to know where the "life flesh" begins. If you are not sure, it is best to cut little by little. If you cut the nail too near to the paw, you will damage the nervous terminations. Furthermore, if you cut "life flesh" it will bleed a lot. If you cut too much and the nail starts bleeding, stop the hemorrhage with styptic powders. Or stick the injured nail in soap. It is not necessary to extract it, due that the soap will disappear by itself. After cutting the nail, polish the tips with a grinding board.

Repair the Damage: It is natural for dogs to damage its nails when pulling from something or when grazing a rough surface. Splintered nails aren't usually any problem. You just have to cut the nail as short as possible without cutting any life flesh. The dogs nails will immediately start to grow as a unit.

If the nail is broken, the problem is more serious, besides being painful, there is a high risk of infection, take the dog to the veterinary. He will probably extract the rest of the nail after applying to the dog an anesthesia to calm the dog's pain. Put a bandage on the affected zone to protect t from filth and humidity until a new nail grows. His paws will be sensible during some time, so forget playing with him any game in which he has to jump or run. No long walks for him until he can rest well his pain again.

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