Expand Dog Social Experiences

Dogs are, by nature, sociable creatures, but they need to work to get used to people that have strong voices, to children with curious fingers or to workers with strange machines. If an estrange intimidates a dog, it is probable that when a puppy he didn't pay much attention to people. The best is to make a preventive nearness that must begin as soon as possible. Being a puppy or an adult dog, slowly expose him to different people so he can learn not to be afraid from strangers and, also expose him to different types of situations and f sounds. Take him around crowded and noisy places. Give him as much experiences as you can.

Informal Visits to the Veterinarian: If your dog is only afraid of the veterinary and not from anyone else, it is because he associates it with something nasty. Your veterinary is important for the health and well being of your dog, for which you should do something about it. Arrange a visit with your veterinary, to be possible at a quiet hour of the day. Ask him to give your dog some treats and to become friends and not to treat him as a veterinary does.

Get Dog Use to the Sense of Tact: Some dogs are afraid to be touched and retire when someone tires to pet him. Some dogs don't like being touched on the head. When someone extends his hand to touch him, he gets frighten. Your dog won't be able to go through the world without being touched, for which you have to help him solve this problem. Help him associate hands with good things, letting strange people to him give him treats and to scratch him behind the ears.

Show Dog What Is Normal: Some dogs are afraid f any object he see. The most common things in a house scare them. A dog has fear from unanimated objects for two reasons. Maybe it's the first time he sees the object, or maybe he doesn't like the object, whatever it is, he hates it and won't get near it, for which every time he sees the object he gets frightened. When he realizes that the object is always there, generally, they will end up overcoming this fear, if he sees you touching it and using this object, he will finally realize that nothing happens with touching it. If your dog really hates a machine like the vacuum cleaner, you must not make him like it. What you can do is to offer him a way out or you can leave him on other part of the house where he will only hear the machine but not see it. With time, he will learn that the same as you, nothing will happen to him when near this "monsters".

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