Useful & Common Dog Medicines for Frequent Health Problems

Dogs get sick once in a while, Many times the only thing they need to cure themselves is the application of a quick, simple treatment, to know you posses the knowledge and the practice to help a dog when he more needs you is a wonderful sensation.

Allergies: Dogs don't have watery eyes nor sneezes when spring comes, but suffer from some of the allergies that humans suffer. Besides the fleas, the guiltiest are the acarus, several types of pollen, moss and feathers. Tobacco smoke and perfumes can also be the cause.

When they suffer from allergies, people tend to sneeze and to breath with difficulty, while dogs scratch, which isn't good, because sometimes they injured themselves trying to ease the itching. They also tend to lick their feet or to rub their face a lot. The itching is not always about allergies. It might be due to many other problems, from skin infections to internal diseases, which consequences are more serious than a simple scratching. For this reason you must go to the veterinary to see what's wrong. When it's about an allergy, in most of the cases, you can do many things to ease the itching; this is what veterinarian advice to do.

Get them to stop scratching with cake mold.

Dogs that suffer from allergies lick and bite their feet for hours. This is due maybe because on those places the pollen and dust get stocked. One way to stop him from scratching himself is to put some water in a cake mold or in a small bucket and leave at the entrance to quickly wash his feet each time he enters the house. Dry very well the claws, overall in between the toes, if not the skin will get irritated and the itching will increase.

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