Filariasis Treatment & Care

Mosquitoes, with its annoying buzzing, its insatiable appetite for blood and all the protuberances they produce, aren't the best friends of dogs, they are annoying and can transmit filariasis, small and dangerous parasites that can obstruct, literally, the heart and the lungs of the dog making blood circulation more difficult. It is almost impossible to protect him from the mosquitoes, but there are some methods to control them. Also, there are preventive measures for your dog to be secure. Here is what veterinarians recommend:

Protect Him since the Start: If you live in a zone where there is filariasis, it's primordial to apply preventive medicines. This way, even if stung by an infected mosquito. The medicine will finish with the filariasis before it matures and causes trouble. Its a secure and cheap investment. Also, most of dogs like the chewable tablets against filariasis. It's important to know if he already has filariasis before applying the preventive medication. It will be enough to take a blood sample with the veterinary which will determine if he has or not flariasis. You can acquire this medicine at the veterinary and you only need to apply the treatment once a month, giving this treatment against filariasis was other advantages. Due that it will also protect your dog against intestinal parasites. Depending on the medicine you give him, it could also protect him against the nematodes, anquilostomas and the trichuris.

Don't Let Them In: Nobody likes to have the windows shut when it is not and there is humidity, but it is then when there are more mosquitoes. Put netting on windows and doors to keep them out.

Treat the garden: It is convenient to use insecticides regularly to prevent mosquitos from getting near to the dogs house,

Keep Everything Dry: Mosquito's reproduce in stanch waters, so much as in ponds, puddles or inside a can. It's worth to keep your yard dry. Pick up any object that can serve to accumulate water. Eliminate any puddle before mosquitoes find it and start to reproduce.

Don't Let the Dog Out: Mosquito's are most active at noon and at dawn. Don't let your dog out at these hours.

If You Travel Take Precautions: Maybe on the place you live there aren't many mosquito's nor filariasis, but if you travel to a place where there are many, your dog will be in danger. If he is not taking any medicine against filariasis, talk to your veterinarian before going on the trip.

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