Home Remedy for Dog Fleas

They are so small that you can barely see them, but can cause much annoyance. The medical Veterinary Association of North America considers that fleas and its derivate problems, like the itching and crust, constitute more than half of the skin problems they treat as veterinarians. If you stop to think that one only flea can live between 6 and 12 months and can put 40 eggs a day, you won't be surprise to know that these small parasites are the downfall of many dogs. Even if your dog is not very sensible to fleas, it's worth killing them, due that they cause the apparition of tapeworm, parasites that installed themselves in the small intestine. If he is sensible to fleas, its bite might cause a frantic scratching on the dog. Don't wait until your dog starts scratching himself to start looking for fleas hair. If you detect something sandy, separate the hair and observe if there are any particles that look like a fat pepper grain. That is the filth fleas leave behind. Fleas usually install themselves in places on the dogs body where he can't reach them when scratching himself, as is the tip of the tail or behind the ears each day examine first this areas.

A United Approach: In the last years an advance in the control of fleas has been made. Some new medicines eradicate and prevent fleas at the same time during several months. But you must fight them in all the fronts. That means finishing the ones you have and making sure that they will not appear again.

Comb Dog: Do it once a day with comb with thin pricks to withdraw the adult fleas and its eggs from the hair. Get as near as you can to his skin and pass your fingers through its hair several times. To avoid fleas from falling from the comb to the rug and then again to the dog. It is useful to wet the comb with soapy water after each combing. In that way fleas will drown when being stuck on the comb at each pass over the water with soap.

Wash Dog: Fleas are not well adhered to the dogs hair, for which if you give him a bath with a special shampoos for animals you will attain the disappearance of most of them through the water conduit. To obtain an extra protection, wash him with a shampoo against fleas, that to be possible contains piretrinas, natural insecticide made with chrysanthemum. If you bath him with a shampoo with Piretrinas, you will kill the fleas, You can also try it with a shampoo against fleas that contains another natural ingredient called D-limonene. However, as much as it kills many fleas, it is not as effective as the shampoo with piretrinas.

Trick: If you don't have a shampoo against fleas at hand, you can elaborate one by yourself in a few minutes mixing the same quantity of cider apple vinegar with the same amount of dishwashing detergent. This doesn't involve a danger to the animal and is very effective against fleas.

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