Follow a Healthy Diet

Old dogs tend to get fat when its metabolism decays and the articulations creak. An excess of weight means a greater pressure on the inflamed articulations and on the loin. Forget reducing weight diets, due that they are usually are absent of meat Instead of that, give him small amounts of good quality food and add fresh green vegetables to his diet. You will soon have a thin and healthy dog.

Don't Give Him food Remainders: Resist the temptation to give him food remainders from the table. They are no good for controlling his weight and his stomach is more delicate than when he was young. Even a piece of ham is too much for an old dog.

Put On Test His Gustatory Papillars: The loss of appetite can be a sign of sickness on any dog, no matter if young or old, but if he is old, has good health and doesn't eat, it can be that his sense of smell has diminish. Prepare more tasty foods. For it add some aromatic ingredients. Low in fats, as the tuna oil or clam juice. Or heat some canned food on the microwave so he can perceive the aroma and add it to its normal food.

Brush His Teeth: To maintain his teeth clean and healthy is important at any age, but overall when he is old. If adult dog teeth have never been cared for, they can fall off or suffer even worst problems. His mouth in the entrance door to the rest of his body and bacteria is introduced through it because of decayed teeth. And the gums can cause cardiac, renal and hepatic problems.

Caries can also cause great pain when eating. Your veterinary can give him a dental cleaning. Then, conserve his teeth clean by brushing them every day with a special toothpaste and toothbrush that you can buy at any pet shop.

Calm the Itching: Old dogs, overall the ones that suffered skin problems when young, usually have dry skin and scales. To stop them from scratching themselves, give him a nourishment supplement that contains oils for the skin. You can usually find these products with your veterinary.

Keep Close Contact with Your Veterinary: It is convenient to have a close relation by when your dog gets old, with a complete medical exam and some blood analysis every year,, the veterinary can identify diseases, as renal or hepatic problems, even before your dog presents any symptoms. When detected, your veterinary can help you control and, in some cases, cure any disease your dog suffers.

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