No Human Food for Dogs

Dogs that are used to our food, usually don't like dog food. Not only because Our food shells better than his. It is also because of a social aspect. Maybe he likes or food. Simply because you are there while he eats. Although you don't mind having the dog near you while eating. Don't give him anything to eat from the food in the table. Our food doesn't give him the nourishment he needs. Also it may be difficult for him to digest it.

It is not always easy to keep our dog from eating our food and start eating dog food. To make the change, substitute day by day human food for dog food. At first, you must give him 80% of his usual food and 20% of the new food. After a day or two, increase the percentage of dog food to the mix. Keep on doing it until the total he eats is dog food. To avoid your dog from eating what he likes and leaving out what he doesn't, mix entirely the old food with the new one. Put some warm water with both of the foods in a mixer and then give it to him.

Keep By His Side While He Eats: Due that its predilection for human food is part for being near you, stimulate, his appetite by staying by his side while he eats. In a few days (sometimes it takes weeks) try not to be so near to him, but let him see you while he eats. Soon he will learn to eat without company.

Put a Limit to the Duration of the Meals: Some dogs see the food and turn around and level because they know it's the same food and will still be there when he returns. Served his food always at the same hour, leave it there for 30 minutes. If the dog hasn't touched it then take it away. Do this for a couple of days. Then he will know that if he doesn't eat fast, he won't eat at all. This should put a remedy to his stubbornness.

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