Why Give Dog Digestive Enzymes

The pancreas produces the necessary enzymes to digest the nutrients from the food, but some dogs with digestive problems don't have enough enzymes. Add digestive enzymes to the dog's diet to help him digest better his food. This can be acquired on shops of natural foods and by catalogues. Add the powders on the dogs food following the instruction in the label on the box.

Help Him Swallow Its Medicine: Veterinarians usually recommend giving an aspirin to dogs that suffer from arthritis, articulations problems or fevers. Although the aspirin is a fairly safe medicine, it could damage the stomach coating and could cause ulcers or other kind of stomach problems. Give him aspirin mixed with the food to avoid having a direct contact with the stomach. It's best to give him effervescent aspirin, due that it is better or the stomach than the normal aspirin.

Reduce Stress: Changes in the routine, like moving to another house or changing the furniture, provoke in dogs an indisposition that can cause diarrhea. If your dog is already nervous enough, do everything you can for him not to get stressed.

Hide the Garbage Can: Every dog takes the risk of suffering intestinal problems when looking for food in places that they shouldn't. Normally dogs eat anything without thinking in the consequences. Hide the garbage cans including the one in the kitchen, due that some dogs are able to take the lids off or to open doors.

Teach him the order "throw that": Teach him since a puppy to obey the order "throw that". Use it when you see your dog taking something noxious in his mouth, due that he could suffer from intestinal problems if he would swallow it.

Trick: One of the best methods to stop the diarrhea and other intestinal problems is make the dog to fast during 24 hours. This way, his digestive apparatus can recover from this indisposition. After fastening, give some soft food every 4 hours during a day or two. Give him, for example, a dish of boiled white rice without salt and add the same amount of boiled chicken without skin or a hamburger.

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