Special Dog Food

There are many foods for dogs created specially to reduce weight. They have less fat and more fiber than usual food. Fiber tends to fill more and have less calories. Fats, however, contain many calories, for which by buying low fat foods is an easy way to get your dog to reduce its weight. Dogs don't always adapt to changes on the diet and sometimes they suffer from diarrhea. To avoid it make the chance in a gradual way, mixing a bit of new food with the old one. If you do it bit by bit during a few weeks, giving him each day a bit of new food, you will make his stomach to be more calmed.

Give Him Green Vegetables: Dogs by nature are carnivorous, but nothing will happen if they eat once in a while some green vegetables to reduce calories, substitute some of the food he usually eats with some raw green vegetables cut in small bits.

Limit treats: The last thing your dog needs to reduce weight is the extra treats. But if you can't resist the temptation to give him some, at least give him cookies low in calories, to be possible crumbled. One cookie can easily last him for the whole day. Your dog won't get mad because you are giving him less. The thing is to give him something to make him happy. Also, you don't have to give him any extra food. Apart some of his usual dog food, to give it to him a while later.

Take Him Out For a Walk: To go for a walk a couple of times per day is one of the best ways to make him reduce weight. Of course, if lately he hasn't been moving much, you mustn't do it immediately. Go slow and for a short distance to let his muscles and lungs get adapted. Then, after increase the rhythm. The faster you walk and the longer distance you go. The more he will reduce weight. Most of the dogs need between 15 and 30 minutes of exercise twice a day.

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