Dog Home Caring Guide

Most of the health problems can be treated easily at home if you know what to look for. There is no need for costly materials or specialized products, with practice and some home medicines, you will soon discover how easy it is to maintain your dog healthy. Dogs are always bumping against everything and eating what they shouldn't'. If you go to the veterinary every time he doesn't feel well then you will never have time to take him walking. If you take some time to learn ways of how resolve problems and lesser emergencies and to acquire confidence to meet the challenge. Home assistance is not hard, but it requires planning. In first place, you will need to start a first aid kit with the necessary elements to resolve small problems that you could find, from coughing to non important cuts. Take a quick look into your closet and you will see how much you already have of the basic articles needed.

Basic home medicines. At home there are many useful things that will serve you as basic home medicines.

  • Baking Soda: Added to water, it eases itching and sun burns.
  • Butter: very useful to camouflage pills and capsules that in other way dogs would spit.
  • Lemmon juice: Mix with food, eases urinary problems
  • Corn flour: sprinkled on the skin folds it prevents irritations
  • Fig salts: Add them to the bathing water and it will ease any itches
  • Softeners: Put a cup of softener in a bucket of water to rinse the dog after the bath. The softener eliminates the saliva that he accumulates on his fur.
  • Tomato juice: A bath with tomato juice eliminates bad odors. undershirts: ideal for dogs to prevent them from licking his wounds
  • Sunflower or saffron vegetable oil: Mix with food attacks scurf.
  • Yogurt: A little mixed with food helps to restore healthy bacteria in the digestive area. Is useful after a diarrhea.
  • Hydrating aloe cream: ideal for treating cracked nails and for easing the itching.
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