Healing Dog Wounds

As they are always playing , most of the does tend to scratch and cut themselves. Less important wounds can be treated easily and usually don't get infected. In first place, calm your dog. If he is anxious, maybe you should muzzle him to stop him from biting you.

  • Clean the wound carefully. Use a sterilized cause and lots of warm water with soap.
  • When having cleaned the wound, take off the rest of the soap with warm water.
  • Dry the wound with a sterilized cause. Try not to use cotton over open wounds, some of it might stick and they are hard to clean afterwards.
  • Dry the surroundings with a clean towel.
  • Apply a pomade at regular intervals until the wound is cured.
  • Observe for any indications of infection. If you detect an infection take the dog to the veterinary.

Most of the wounds heal perfectly well if let to dry itself in the air. However if your dog likes to play around the mud or insists on licking the wound, it is better to put a bandage on it.

  • Cover the wound with sterilized gauze.
  • Secure the gauze with a bandage.
  • Secure the bandage with court plaster.
  • This way you will avoid any humidity from entering and also the dog won't be able to take the bandage off.
  • Change bandages at least once a day and more if they get dirty or wet.
  • Wash and rinse the wound and apply the pomade each time you change bandages.

Giving Him a Pill: You will immediately dominate the technique of having your dog a tablet or a pill one possibility is to camouflage it in his food. Doing it with butter is great, does love it and it is so sticky that they can't separate it. If he is sick and doesn't want to eat, it will be a little harder to get him to swallow the tablet. Corner him and make him be straight. With the left hand hold up carefully his upper saw. Take the pill between the thumb and the index finger and use the rest of the fingers for pushing the inferior saw downward. Put the tablet on the tongue and keep its mouth shut until he swallows it.

Learning Process: Caring for your dog is a continuous process in which stage of his life represent different kinds of challenges. Don't be afraid to learn new techniques. When you go to the veterinary, ask him to explain and show you those processes that you think you should know. The more you know, the best for your dog and you.

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