Help Dog Overcome Fear

It is normal for dogs to show fear and aggressiveness just in some cases, like for instance when they go to the veterinary. Generally, you can also end with this type of aggressiveness helping him to associate in a more positive way with all the things that frightens him. Imagine that he hates the veterinary, but loves to ride in a car. Once a week more or less, take him by car to the consult, but don't go in. Simply, park the car in front of the door and, if you want, give him a prize. Then go back home. Some days later, do the same. On this occasion, get him in the consult, not for a check out, but to let him see while you talk to the receptionist. Give him a prize and return home. If you keep doing this, he will son understand that going to the veterinary means a prize and a ride in car. He will think in the consult with satisfaction and not with fear. And when needing to have an exam, he will behave better.

Don't Pet Dog: If your dog acts with fear and aggressiveness, the last thing you should do is to pet him or fondle him. This will only make worst the problem, due that he is getting a compensation for having a bad conduct. If he stars showing aggressive with people or other dogs, you should yell at him r reprehend him, and not compensate his bad conduct with fondles or with soothing words.

Teach Him How To Receive The Visits: Many dogs protect its house and family and some jump at people that gets wear the door. Make him understand that visits are welcome and don't constitute a threat. The easiest way to do it is by showing yourself happy when the visits arrive. This way the dog will accept the intruders. You can also train the dog to be less aggressive with visits. Next time someone visits you ask the dog to welcome it. If he shows himself pleasant, play with him for a while, give him a treat and caress him. With time, the dog will discover that visitors can be fun. Of course, dogs that are too aggressive aren't going to be pleasant with anyone. And trying to make him sociable will not work. Dogs that show themselves aggressive with visitors must be treated by experts.

Avoid Aggressive Games: Avoid aggressive games even while they are puppies. Play only games that will give him the notion that he is the one who has to do what you want and not the contrary. Teach him to bring you a bll or a stick and to let it go at your order. This game is safer and can be practice with dogs. Also, at the same time, it permits him to do some exercise.

Ease the Pain: If a dog that usually is calm shows him aggressive, he might be in pain of something. Dogs that or going thru pain usually respond in an aggressive pain when trying pet him or get near them. Take him to the veterinary to find the cause of the pain and to relief him. Then he wills normal again.

Trick: On male dogs, overall, the aggressiveness increases with the high levels of sexual hormones. To castrate him may reduce or even eliminate the aggressiveness once and for all.

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