Help Raise Dog Self-confidence

Dogs that are nervous gets frighten easily usually get better with the obedience training. This serves for the dog to acquire confidence in him, which will also give him strength to face many types of situations. The training it's not only good for the dog to integrate with other people or animals, but it will also help him take notice that you are the one who gives the older and him the one who obeys them. When your dog is conscious that he hasn't had to carry with everything, his confidence in himself will arise. But this won't happen from morning to night, for which you will have to put some time and patience in the training session. This can last from a few weeks to a few months.

Prepare Him for Strong Noises: Strong sound can make him mad. This is in part to his hearing that is sharper than ours, the noise of a thunder may see to him as if the house is being destroyed. A good way to help your dog to overcome the fear of strong noises is to apply to a technique called reconditioning. By this method he will learn to associate something good from the noise.

Start by recording the sound that frightens him. Submit him to sessions of two to five minutes twice a day. Begin by putting a low volume, that doesn't bother him much. Put him in different rooms so he can hear it from other parts of the house. Then raise the volume slowly. If he gets nervous, lower the volume. When he is calm again, raise it again. While the dog is hearing the noise, does something fun, like throwing a ball or a stick? After a time, he will think in playing when hearing this noise and he won't fear them so much.. Even if he doesn't get to like this sound, you can teach him not to react in an exaggerated way.

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