Dog Hepatic and Renal Problems and Treatment

Each day your dog's body produces a great amount of wastes, not only of feces and urine, but also other derivates from the digestion and the metabolism, as are mineral components. Most of them alter, decomposes or are retained in the kidneys and in the liver, the main body filters. One of its key tasks is to expel the toxins from the blood before they accumulate in the body. Its functions are very complex and it's normal for them to render less as the dog grows. Sometimes it is a normal characteristic in the process of aging. Generally, hepatic and renal problems are produced when there has been an internal damage due, for example, to a viral or bacterial infection or a presence of noxious toxins on the atmosphere. The kidneys and the liver are very resistant organs. For which they can stand the exposition to noxious components. But that means that they will keep on working even if damaged.

Many dogs don't show any symptoms until the damage is too great and, whereas more difficult to treat. The kidneys, in brief, have a great ability to compensate the damage (three fourths of the renal functions can be affected without your dog showing any kind of sings of being sick). Dogs that suffer an advanced renal disease usually urinate more than normal. The urine will be almost transparent because the kidneys don't filter the wastes as it should. Most of the dogs that suffer from renal insufficiency drinks lots of water and can also suffer from halitosis and muscular weakness.

The Power of Diets: Although hepatic and renal problems are not serious, both organs respond immediately to a sudden change in the diet. The truth is that, the liver can regenerate the damage cells if you act quickly. If you give him a hand, generally you can renew its functions. But you can only do it if the problem is detected on time and treated immediately. Dogs that suffer from hepatic or renal problems need always to be under the supervision of the veterinary. But if you dog suffers from an active disease, as a hepatic or renal infection, or needs a long term treatment, to adapt the diet is a key to keep both organs healthy. The body needs proteins to regenerate its cells and construct tissues. Also to develop its vital functions. However, if he suffers from hepatic nd renal problems, you must give him enough proteins to avoid that this vital organs suffer from more damages. Depending on the veterinarian's diagnosis, most dogs can benefit from the changes in their diets. Here is some advice from veterinarians.

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