Prevent Dog Kennel Cough. Hide the Ash Trays

Tobacco smoke and chemical products can result very annoying if your dog has kennel cough. To protect his throat and attain a fast recuperation, keep the air he breaths clean. If you smoke, do it outside, at least until he is well. And when you clean the house, leave the dog outside until you are finished.

Give Him a Sedative: There is a quick way to ease the cough and that is administrating syrup that contains dextrometorfano, a substance chemically alike to morphine. It's recommended to give half of a little spoon of syrup if the dog weights less than 5 kilograms, one if more than 10 kilograms and two from 18 kilograms on. Each dog needs of a different type of dose, for which you should inform yourself with the veterinary. When giving a dog any medicine, read first the instructions on the label. They could contain some ingredients noxious to dogs.

Take Some Precautions: If the suffers from kennel cough, a vaccine will not be useful but you can take some sort of precautions. The vaccines in form of nasal drops fight the bacteria called bordetella bronchiseptica, that usually provokes the kennel cough. Vaccines are very useful if your dog spends much time with other dogs or if he is sent to an animals keepership while you travel.

Even if these vaccines aren't 100% effective, if your dog ever gets sick, at least it will serve to smoothen the cough. It is recommended to apply this vaccine 7 or 14 days before taking them to the keepership if they haven't been vaccinated during the last six months.

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