Home remedy for dog allergy: Clean

One of the best methods to avoid allergies is to sweep and vacuum more often. Even if you can't see them. Inside your house there are millions of acarus, microscopic beings that live on mattresses, curtains and under the beds. Even if you can't eradicate them all, a regular cleaning of your house will diminish them to an acceptable level. Pass the vacuum cleaner through curtains, rugs and tapestry all over the house and pay special attention to those zones in which your dog rests or sleeps.

Shake small rugs and wash with hot water, the pillow covers and bed clothing once a week to kill the acarus before they establish themselves again.

When cleaning change the filter from the oven, air conditioning. And air humidifier. This way you will reduce dust and the acarus that can provoke an outbreak of allergies in your dog.

Due that moss is also a cause for allergies; you should clean the places in where they would reproduce, like the bathroom, the grating on the freezer and the air conditioner. The neaker your dog is to this allergenic products. The more reactions he will suffer, so do not let him pry in a basement full of moss and humidity.

On some zones with high humidity levels, the presence of moss is inevitable.. But for this problem you can use a dehumidifier. Don't forget to clean the gratings with lye at least once a week to finish with the moss forming on the surface. If you don't do it there will also be moss inside the dehumidifier.

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