How to Clean - Brush Dog Teeth

Begin with a gradual brushing. Don't mind too much for the rear of its teeth. The mouth is in charge of cleaning that area. Brush in a circular and smooth motion. Pay special attention to the union between gums and teeth.

Brush According To Breed: By general rule, the smaller the dog, the more attention to its teeth. A small mouth means a small jaw. Meaning, that the roots are less deep and the teeth are unstable. In these cases, any kind of sickness may provoke the quick falling of its teeth. If you brush them more often, you will help to prevent this misfortune.

Be Ready To Throw the Towel: Some dogs hate brushing its teeth and if you try to force them, they might bite you. Throw the towel if you don't want anyone of you hurt.

Take an Intermediate Solution: If you are going to brush its teeth and he insist on having its mouth shut, take a handkerchief or gauze and quickly clean the external surface of the teeth after eating. For this technique to result efficient. Use any available gel at the pet shop that contains antibacterial ingredients to finish with the dental germs. You can also try with a small toothbrush specially designed for dogs.

Make Its Teeth Work: The brushing is an excellent way to maintain the teeth clean. But there is an easier way, giving him some crackers; while he chews on them he cleans his teeth.

Give Him Dry Foods: For the teeth, dry foods are better than canned foods. They attract less bacteria. As they are cracking, they help in cleaning its teeth, although wet for it should they substitute the regular brushing.

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