Keep Dog Skin Hydrated

Burned skin is dry skin that needs refreshing; the juice of an aloe plant is very hydrating and makes the burned skin to heal faster. If you have one of this plants at home, cut the stem by half to obtain the soothe in gel. You can also acquire lotions and creams of aloe at the pharmacy. Apply them once or twice a day until the skin recuperates its good health.

Use an Anesthesia Atomizer: There exists anesthetic pulverizer that can ease rapidly the pain of the burns. This topic anesthesia refreshes and protects the skin. Another option is the anesthetic creams, that in difference with the atomizers, they don't contain alcohol, and are more comfortable and easy to use. It is best to apply these anesthetics on the first days, when the burns are more painful.

Use Vitamin E: Burns on the snout require more special care because they usually cause scars. The gel from a vitamin capsule will calm the pain and will avoid the forming of scars. Many dogs will lick its snout so you must apply this gel several times a day.

Program Its Walks: The sun on summer is usually hotter from 10 in the morning till 4 at noon. If your dog is too sensible to sunburns don't take him on walks during those hours. Its better to take them after the sun is down.

Put Him Some Sun Cream: A simple method to prevent sun burns and cancer to the skin is to put some solar cream to protect the ears, about and belly. Use a solar cream with a factor of protection of 15 or higher. Our solar creams are okay, but avoid the ones that contain Zn acid or PABA, two dangerous ingredients for the dog to lick.

Protect Him under Shadow: The shadow areas on the yard will protect him from the sun. It only takes to construct a simple shed, or plant a tree with abundant branches and leave or to install a beach umbrella. When taking him for a walk, take an umbrella to protect him from the sun. Dogs don't realize when they are getting sunburn, for which it you don't make them rest. They will keep on playing under the sun.

Try To Put a Hat on Him: In the pet shops there is a great variety of hats with visors that result very practical for protecting ears and snout.

Put Him an Undershirt: If you put him an undershirt your dog will reduce the risk of sunburn on his skin. Combine a cotton undershirt that will have the factor of protection of 7, with a solar cream.

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