Impact of Human Voice on Dog

Dogs don't understand language as we do, but are very sensible to the sound of voice. A small variation in your tone permit them to know if we are proud or disappointed. Also, through this change of tones they will perceive preoccupation or nervousness in us. Take advantage of his trust in your voice to calm him when sick. No matter how preoccupied you are, maintain a relaxed and calm tone of voice. The more calmness you show, more calmed your dog wil be. Sometimes is good to be serious. If the dog will not collaborate, you should use a more serious tone of voice. If you tell him that "nothing happens" when doing something bad, you will make him think that you approve of his behavior. No matter if he feels hurt or not. If he doesn't cooperate, tell him. Order him to sit or lay. As long as he trusts you, he will do as you say, even if his natural instinct tells him to do something different.

To teach your dog to collaborate is but a way to integrate him into society. He will not only cooperate on critical times, but will also be a better and more charming friend.

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