Keep Dog Jaws Occupied

Dogs bite everything when they are angry because it's his way to ease the tension and do something with his time. To avoid for this to happen, offer him other alternatives, like a rubber toys or a tennis ball. To give him a rubber snail is a good idea. This snail is made of a strong rubber; it's hollow and permits to fill its interior with small amounts of food, like cottage cheese or peanut butter. Dogs tend to pass hours trying to get the food from the inside of the toy. At the time of choosing toys, avoid the socks or old shoes. Dogs don't distinguished old shoes from new ones. If you let him play with an old shoe, he will think that all the shoes are for playing.

Use a repellent: Some dogs have a favorite object (from the leg of a piano to the frame of a door) and don't stop biting it. To avoid this, spray it with some product that smells or tastes bad, as the lemon balm, on sale on any pet shop. Another way to obtain this is by putting a trap on the things he bites, for example, to put some coins in an empty can and tie it to the desire object. When the dog takes it, the noise will scare him and he will think it twice before biting it again.

Give him its own space: Dogs are attracted by small close spaces, overall when they are disturbed. To say the truth, many dogs feel insecure when they can go freely through the entire house, due that they don't know what to do with all that space. Try to leave him a small room or get him used little by little to be lacked up when you are not at home. This way they will feel more secure and will be less possible for him to destroy anything.

Sabotage His Excavations: Some dogs destroy things at home, but others do it on the garden. It's not easy to stop a dog from excavating in the dirt, but you can out it harder for him by burying lava stones on the zone so he will get slightly hurt when digging and stops liking the idea ox excavating. Or cut its nails so he can't dig, But don't cut them too much or you may hurt him.

Once In A While Look On Him Unexpectedly: If you have the luck to work near your house, you can go and have lunch at home. When visiting the dog during the day, his loneliness will be interrupted and he will be less anxious when you leave. If you can't go to your house, ask a neighbor or a dog caretaker to give a look to the dog during the day.

Get Him Tired: Though dogs usually cause destruction to calm his stress, they also do it because they have an excess of energy and don't know what to do with it. A good solution is to get him to do more exercise before going to work in the mornings and when you return home late in the afternoon. A dog that has used all of his energy will be so tired that he won't cause any kind of destruction.

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